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Welcome to the Goddess Temple Weddings website!

We are delighted to announce that the Glastonbury Goddess Temple is now licensed to carry out legal Weddings in the Goddess and Pagan traditions. We are the first official Pagan establishment in England to be granted a license to conduct heterosexual and same sex marriages… yeah!

Plan your Wedding with us!

Come and get married within the loving energies of Goddess, in the Heart of Avalon in Glastonbury Goddess Temple, a Sacred Place dedicated to the Lady of Avalon.

Here you will have the Wedding of your dreams! A bespoke Goddess-blessed or Pagan Wedding Ceremony that will celebrate your love in a unique way, one that is aligned to your spiritual beliefs and your spiritual path. The Wedding Ceremony will be conducted by either Dawn Kinsella or Sharlea Sparrow – both Priestesses of Avalon and licensed Registrars.

The Wedding Ceremony in the Temple includes an invocation of Goddess as Lady of Avalon, and of Goddesses and Gods of your own choosing. You will receive individual Blessings of the natural Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and will speak your personal words of truth, honouring your connection as a couple, your love and your souls. You make your Solemn Vows to each other in this Sacred Temple, in the presence of Divine Beings, and of your family and friends. This beautiful and magical ceremony, held in the loving embrace of the Goddess, will be a day to remember forever.

Couples Open Evenings 2017

Saturday 11 February, Saturday 13 May, Saturday 14 October

Come to one of our Couples Evenings or Couples Experience Day to find out more! Come and experience the beautiful Goddess Temple and meet the Wedding Team as we greet you with bubbly and strawberries, as you relax on soft sheepskins and drink in the candlelight, allow the peaceful flow of loving energies to enfold as we will entertain you with inspiring talks, wedding ideas for your complete wedding experience and a demonstration of our Handfasting ceremony. The Temple will be dressed in her wedding finery and you will get a real sense of how it will be on your magical day… This is a day to remember and inspire you.


Couples Experience Day – Saturday 11 March

Here in Avalon, we, the Goddess Temple Weddings Team, are offering all you Beloveds a magnificent weekend with us on a magical tour… a journey of love to give you a taste of your Sacred Pagan/Goddess Marriage experience… a whole day dedicated to the sacredness of love.

We will meet in the morning at Goddess House… an exquisite house with sacred rooms dedicated to Goddess, a space of deep relaxation and healing. There will be a tour of the house, sound bath and journey, followed by tea and cake. Then a beautiful walk on the Land with our Priest of Avalon and Head Wedding Melissa, Trevor Nuthall. Trevor offers the ‘Blessings on the Land’ Walks for our couples and wedding parties; this is a very popular option that other couples have chosen as part of their marriage experience. Trevor is most knowledgable about Tree lore and the Sacredness of the landscape of Avalon, the mysteries and symbolism in the land. This will be followed by free time for the rest of the afternoon. We then meet again for an evening in the Goddess Temple. This day is FREE of charge but there is limited availability.

To book the Couples Open Evenings or Experience Day, contact Iona.

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