This Sacred Isle of Avalon

Glastonbury, Isle of Avalon, has long been known as a place of sacred pilgrimage.  From our distant past to now, in this fast and modern world, Avalon has beckoned the pilgrim to come and experience these strange, otherworldly energies.  All who come here feel the quickening of their soul’s journey in many different ways that are pertinent to the visitor: one thing is certain, everyone feels something and this ‘something’ has changed the life course of many.   

Living and working here on the Isle in my vocation as a Priestess of Avalon in the Goddess Temple, I meet many people from different cultures and countries and the one thing that seems to be a common thread is that people get a strong sense of ‘coming home’.  Often this is interpreted as literally feeling that Glastonbury is home, however I feel that it means something far more than that to each person.  This feeling of coming home is the only expression in our vocabulary to describe this sensory connection and it seems to me, and many others that have experienced the same, that it is more a sense of coming home to ourselves, to ‘know ourselves.’  This is something that feels like an essential truth.  In today’s fast paced society and patriarchal paradigm we truly do not know who we are.  At birth we are given our name, we are someone’s daughter/son,  a pupil or student from a young age, an employee, we literally are layered with the identity labels that we wear throughout our lives. 

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Sacred Smithing

Sacred Smithing

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As part of your Sacred marriage experience we are pleased to offer you a new and exciting workshop for couples! Sacred Smithing is held by our wonderful Smith Dave Goddard (also known as Hugs). It is a deep ritual journey of connection to the elements through the ancient craft of blacksmithing.

Hugs will take you on a ceremonial journey to create your very own sacred object or a heart or circle. This will be done in ceremony, using the sacredness of the four elements. Your creation will be woven into your bespoken wedding ceremony on the day.

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Sacred Hoop Making Workshop

Saturday 17 March & Saturday 14 July

Wands and Hoops are exchanged and bound to form the Handfasting or tying of the knot. Our brides are encouraged to create their own sacred hoop and can make them at our Hoop Making Workshop with Priestess Sharlea Sparrow. 

“The willow is Bridie’s sacred tree and I hold hoop making workshops twice a year or individually. I source willow withies from a local farm near to Glastonbury where I can see the Tor as I collect them.”

Cost of workshop is £25, which includes locally sourced willow withies and ribbons, blessed elementally and created in sacred space. Bring along personal items/trinkets to include in your creation.

Booking essential. Contact Sharlea for more info:

Happy Imbolc!

Happy Imbolc and Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the month of love! What better time to get inspired and start planning your Sacred Wedding in Avalon? This season we have lots of exciting things happening in the Temple. Priestess Sharlea Sparrow will be running a Hoop Making Workshop for brides. We also have lots of Imbolc events happening, including our Imbolc Retreat Days at the Goddess House. This is a time when you can immerse yourself in Her energy and be pampered and nurtured. The Temple has also has been redressed in white, and Bridie, the maiden Goddess Temple heads the altar. It’s beautiful.


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Happy Solstice and Yule

Happy Solstice and Yule everyone! Here on the Isle of Avalon there is a sprinkling of magic in the air as we prepare for Winter Solstice. The beautiful Isle of Avalon is lightly dusted with sparkling snow.The Goddess Temple is now re-dressed by the Temple dressing team, dismantled lovingly from sombre black for Samhain and the Goddess Kerridwen, to gorgeous silver and white for Yuletide and the Goddess Danu. We are also excitedly preparing for our last Sacred Marriage of the year to be held at Winter Solstice Night. It will be a magickal candlelit ceremony. Staying in touch with our inner child is truly the spirit of Yuletide. It is this same wonderment that is spun and woven into each Sacred Marriage between us all here at Goddess Temple Weddings and our gorgeous couples. It makes each wedding and reception beautifully bespoke, taking on the total essence of the beloveds.

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Weddings 2017

For us in the Sacred Marriage team this is a cosy time where we celebrate the year past, have our Yuletide dinner together at the Bocabar, which has a wonderful function room for Wedding Receptions, and reminisce over bubbly, reflecting on the wonderful ceremonies that we have held in 2017. This year we have conducted 13 Sacred Marriages in the Temple and we are looking forward to many more as we are fast becoming booked up for 2018.

Each Sacred Marriage is unique as you co-create with your Priestess how your ceremony will be, making it a memorable experience that lives in the hearts of all who enter the experience with you.

Our Wedding Melissas: Trevor Nuthall, Manon Latete, Cristina Granada and Mandy Kaye care for each couple and all of the Wedding party on your special day. They work hard to make sure that everything is how you have dreamed it to be, dressing the sacred space, the bridal entrance and keeping a watchful presence for any needs that couples and guests may have during the ceremony. They keep a strong and deeply spiritual core for you and we simply could not conduct without them.
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Happy Samhain


Happy Samhain everyone! We are delighted to share that soon we will have an official Goddess Temple Weddings headquarters!! As we write this, our new space at Goddess House is being painted and decorated… transforming it into a beautiful place for us to work and create our sacred weddings. Exciting! The Temple has been redressed in black, and Kerridwen, the dark Mother, heads the altar. It is lit with candle lights and feels truly magical, like being in a cave of love.

As October turns to November here on the Isle of Avalon, it is time to observe the sacred time of Samhain which originated in Ancient Europe as one of the four Celtic Fire Festivals and is now observed throughout the world. ‘Samhain’, pronounced ‘saah-win’ or ‘saa-ween’, means ‘Summer’s End’ is the celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the colder half of the year. It is the time where we honour Cerridwen, the Crone, the Dark Mother, the Goddess of Transformation. Read More…

Lammas Greetings

Golden TorThe Wheel of Avalon turns again, the wheat is ripening in the fields surrounding the Isle! Sunflowers raise their heads to the sun. Lammas is approaching. Here at the Temple we celebrate the Goddess Ker in Her aspect as Harvest Mother, Grain Goddess, Lady of Abundance.

Lammas is the Festival celebrating the first fruits of Mother Earth’s harvest, where we see the first grains of wheat appear, alongside ripening fruits, such as apples and pears. The word ‘Lammas’ is derived from ‘loaf mass’ and is indicative of how central and honoured is the first grain and the first loaf of the harvesting cycle. The first sheaf would often be ceremonially cut at dawn, winnowed, ground and baked into the Harvest Bread which was then shared by the community in thanks. The first barley stalks would be made into the first beer of the season. The last sheaf was also ceremonially cut, often made into a ‘corn dolly’, carried to the village with festivity and was central to the Harvest Supper. The corn dolly was made into a Corn Maiden (after a good harvest) or a cailleach, hag or cone (after a bad harvest). She could be dressed with ribbons, even clothed. Read More…

Summer Solstice

Solstice, and the Festival of Litha, is the time where we honour the Goddess of Water, Domnu. Domnu is the Mother of Oceans and Queen of the deep who brings flow and emotion into our lives. It is the time when we dive deeply into our emotional beings, allowing our hearts to open and our creative tears to flow. Like cascading waterfalls of love, She touches the places we are often afraid to open… as with the Oyster, there is something vulnerable and sensitive within. Her sacred animals are all creatures of the Oceans, Rivers and Seas. She cries out to us to care for Her. We are guardians of this most sacred Earth, the body of the Mother and her waters are the amniotic fluids that support life.

Now more than ever before it is vital to see and know that Her sacred waters are the sweet fluids of life and we must be mindful. To honour this precious element as Goddess transforms our understanding of that which is often taken for granted and pollute. Water has the power to transform its molecular structure when prayer, intention and thought are projected.

The Language of Flowers

Language of flowers

I stepped out into my garden this morning, to be greeted by an abundance of flowers! The Love-in-a-Mist has delightfully self-seeded itself throughout the garden. It is popular for country style bridal bouquets.

This led me to find out more about the Language of Flowers. The history of flower symbolism, meanings and ‘sentiments’ reaches back into early Chinese Dynasties. Selam, the oriental Language of Flowers, was introduced into Europe by Charles II, King of Sweden after five years of exile in Turkey, living at the Ottoman Court and returning to Sweden in 1714, from where his courtiers began sharing and promoting the Flower Language around the Western World.

In 1718, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, wife of the Ambassador to the Port of Constantinople, became fascinated with the coded messages used by Turkish harems and introduced the symbolic language to the UK. However, it was not until 1809 that the first published use of the phrase ‘Language of Flowers’ came into being. Queen Victoria became so enamoured by the Language of Flowers that she spread the tradition throughout the British Empire! Read More…