Sacred Chalices for your Handfasting Ceremony

Sacred ChaliceWe are delighted to share that we can now offer you your own ritual objects that you take home and place in your sacred space. Along with your incense, handfasting candles and hoop and wand, we can now also offer sacred chalices and incense bowls for your handfasting ceremony.

We have an amazing ceramist who creates these beautiful chalices and bowls containing a swirl of natural red clay collected from the landscape of the Isle of Avalon, together with the sacred waters collected from the red and white spring.

Each Chalice has Glastonbury Tor lovingly hand carved into the wet clay and glazed showing the layers of the magical seven circuit labyrinth. These beautiful and incredibly powerful ritual objects will have only been used in your ceremony, unique to you, vibrating with your love and heart song. Each one contains a little piece of Avalon and the four elements: Earth – the clay and earth of Avalon, Water sacred spring waters to mould and shape, each drop infused into the clay,  Air – to dry the ritual chalices before the firing Process,  and Fire – the kiln and the firing. Read More…

Sacred Marriage Ceremony

Dawn in action!A legal marriage in the Goddess Temple is unique in the fact that it is in the format of a Handfasting, an ancient Pagan sacred marriage ceremony.

As the sacred marriage ceremony takes the couple on a journey around the four elements of air, fire, water and earth, so it includes a ritual for each of the elements.

We provide the equipment needed, such as incense bowl and incense for the air ritual, which represents the beginning of your relationship. The Priestess Celebrant smudges you both with incense hand blended by Priestesses and Temple Melissae to cleanse and make ready for your new life together as married beloveds.

At fire we bless your union with the sacred temple flame, the Flame of Avalon. Fire represents passion and the fire of love in your relationship. During the ritual you are both invited to light your own candle from the temple flame and so keep it as a perpetual flame to love with the deep connection to the Goddess Temple wherein you spoke your words of truth and love. Read More…