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planning your magical wedding in avalon

Winter Solstice Weddings on The Isle of Avalon

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Alternative Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

To make your Wedding even more special we are delighted to be able to offer couples additional Pre-Wedding sacred ceremonies to choose from. These beautiful ceremonies are designed to honour your beloved, connecting your souls and blessing the journey you are about to make together.

Elemental and Archetypal Blessings on The Sacred Land of Avalon

In preparation for your Wedding on the Sacred Land of Avalon come and walk the landscape of the Sacred Isle of Avalon. Connect with Her nature, feel Her presence as we ground ourselves into Her body and perform Elemental Blessing Ceremonies of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. A beautiful way to connect to the Mysteries of Avalon before your celebrations begin. Another option for this ceremony is to walk the land and perform ceremonies to call in and receive the blessings of the Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone.

The Sacred Anointing Ceremony

The Bride as Priestess

Based on ancient traditions and the Magdalene mysteries, the Sacred Anointing ceremony prepares you, the Bride, as Priestess for your Consort. Held in the Goddess Temple, and hosted by four Priestesses of Avalon and Rhiannon, we guide you on your journey through ceremony and sacred ritual, a journey of the soul through sound, flame, water and the Sacred anointing of your Beloved. The Sacred oils will be hand-blended by you and blessed with your love and intentions. This prepares you both spiritually for your Sacred Marriage the following day and is part of the Sacred Alchemy of Love’s union.

The Groom as Sacred Consort

You are the Sacred Masculine, you are He who is consort of the beloved. You will be in ceremony with a Priest of Avalon, in Goddess House, journeying and energetically connecting to your Priestess beloved who awaits you in the Temple. At the appointed time you will be brought to the Goddess Temple, there to be welcomed by Priestesses attending and anointed with hand-blended oils by your beloved Priestess of the heart.

This is a powerful Ceremony that invites you both to enter a state of grace; your marriage ceremony will echo through time and space, creating the Alchemy of love. Step into the Sacred with us…. make your Marriage an unforgettable experience.

Couples Sacred Sound Baths

Drift & Dream within a space of love to the sounds of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Ocean drum, Koshi wind chimes, temple gong and haunting invocation of love with voice… Perfect for the day before or after your sacred marriage and a beautiful way to connect deeply. This can be done as a couple or for your whole wedding party.

Fire Walking Ceremony

Firewalking is a powerful way of deepening your vision of your future together, and making a step towards your commitment to a new way of being. It can also work with any fears you have about stepping forward together and burn away things from your past that you do not wish to carry forward with you. An evening ceremony, which can be part of your Wedding preparation or on the actual day of the wedding. Great for groups 15 plus.

Glasswalking Ceremony

Glasswalking Ceremony

Glasswalking Ceremony

Glasswalking helps you to reflect on how you came to where you are in your life now. It helps heal past wounding and old behaviour patterns in order to step forward into the future. It’s also great for trusting your body, and deepening our understanding of how we call for support from others. A quiet meditative ceremony suited best to preparation for your Wedding.

Arrowbreaking Ceremony

Arrowbreaking is an inspired ceremony that helps the Bride and Groom get clarity on their individual vision for this new phase of life they are entering. It is brilliant for really cutting through fears in a swift-acting way. It is great as part of the Wedding preparations or can be woven into the Wedding Ceremony. It takes about half an hour for a couple.

Rebar Ceremony

Rebar (metal bar) bending is a amazing way of deepening your trust in each other. Looking into each other’s eyes, you walk towards each other and bend the metal bar, which is balanced at the top of your chests. This ceremony strengthens your communication and heart connection. It is powerful as part of the Wedding Ceremony or during preparations. It takes about half an hour for a couple.


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